The life and career of john dizzy gillespie

Dizzy Gillespie impacted music during the Harlem Renaissance by becoming a world known jazz performer and legacy. According to Oxford UniversityDizzy Gillespie was raised in a poor environment and was the youngest of nine children.

The life and career of john dizzy gillespie

Englewood, New Jersey African American musician and bandleader Fifty years after helping found a new style of revolutionary jazz that came to be known as bebop, Dizzy Gillespie's music is still a major contributing factor in the development of modern jazz. The last of nine children, Gillespie's father was abusive and unusually strict and the youngest Gillespie grew up hard and strong.

When Gillespie was ten, his father died and left the family in terrible financial trouble. Around this time Gillespie's English teacher introduced him to music, and he soon joined the school band.

At first he played the trombone, but switched to the trumpet after borrowing a neighbor's and immediately falling in love with the instrument.

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Over the next several years Gillespie played with local bands—to both black and white audiences—until his family moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In Philadelphia Gillespie earned his nickname for his unpredictable and funny behavior. When Gillespie was in the Frankie Fairfax band in Philadelphia he carried his new trumpet in a paper bag, an act that inspired fellow musicians like Bill Doggett to call him "Dizzy.

By —when he was only nineteen—Gillespie had already made a name for himself among New York musicians, who could not help but notice his radically fresh take on solo single trumpet playing.

Calloway played the Cotton Club and toured extensively. During this period Gillespie continued to play all-night jam sessions at Minton's and Monroe's Uptown House to develop his musical knowledge and style. Gillespie joined the Earl "Fatha" Hines band inabout the same time Charlie Parker — did.

Although Parker became famous as an alto saxophonist, he was playing tenor sax at that time. The two of them jammed together at the Booker T.

Washington Hotel for several hours. Bebop born on 52nd Street A large part of the Earl Hines band departed in to form a new group headed by Billy Eckstine. Gillespie became musical director for Eckstine, whose backers got him a job on 52nd Street. After leaving Eckstine, Gillespie substituted in the Duke Ellington — Orchestra for about four weeks, then formed his own group to play at the newly opened Onyx Club on 52nd Street.

Gillespie had been playing bebop a new, radically different form of jazz whenever he could sincethe year he married Lorraine Willis. Now he was able to play it full time. Also in Gillespie received the New Star Award from Esquire magazine, the first of many awards he would receive in his career.

Describing the new style his quintet played, Gillespie wrote, "We'd take the chord structures of various standard and pop tunes and create new chords, melodies, and songs from them. Billed by jazz critics as "the greatest jazz concert ever," it was recorded by Mingus and later released on Debut Records.

The honor—one of many awarded to the trumpet virtuoso—recognized nearly fifty years of pioneering jazz performances. Not letting age slow him down, in Gillespie gave three hundred performances in twenty-seven countries, appeared in one hundred U.

The next year, at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts ceremonies celebrating the centennial of American jazz, Gillespie received the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers' Duke Award for fifty years of achievement.-drummer max roach played at monroes recorded with saxophonist Charlie "Bird" parker his career lasted until death in '07 Jazz on 52nd street around the end of WWII 52nd street in NY becomes the central locale for live music and bebop bands.

some of the earliest bebop groups with Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, and other appeared in clubs there. The Dizzy Gillespie™ Big Band and Alumni All-Star group (small group) is the direct descendant of these ventures, and happily, the tradition lives on, nurtured by Gillespie alumni and executive director, producer, and bassist John Lee.

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Bird & Diz is a biography about these two musicians named Charlie "Bird" Parker and John "Dizzy" Gillespie. They were creators of a new type of jazz call bebop. /5(65).

The life and career of john dizzy gillespie

Aug 14,  · Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Mayflower Rock (Alternate Take) · Dizzy Gillespie Birks Works: The Verve Big-Band Sessions ℗ UMG Recordings, Inc. The Jon Faddis-led Dizzy Gillespie Alumni All-Stars Band, whose rotating membership celebrates his life and music plays on and on.

Trumpeter and educator Ted Chubb re-joins us for Podcast , as he talks about Dizzy’s career, music and importance in jazz history. What was Dizzy Gillespie childhood and career archievments?

You will find all these plus Dizzy Gillespie age, ethnicity, nationality, height and weight information too! Does Dizzy Gillespie married?

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