The greatest impact on the airline

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The greatest impact on the airline

Most importantly, it comes at an unbelievable price point that puts it within the reach of budget-minded shoppers too. Take a look at the Ingersoll-Rand C to know how untrue that statement is.

The greatest impact on the airline

This is a very comfortable and compact impact wrench that is easy to grip, can reach the tightest cranny and will not cause hand fatigue even in time consuming tasks.

Check the pics here. Designed for high torque applications With a maximum torque of ft. Irrespective of whether you are removing stubborn lugs or nuts or tightening screws without snapping the frame, the Ingersoll-Rand C will get the task done effortlessly. It is one of the most perfectly designed air impact wrenches that has a proven track record.

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That is unbeatable value. Brute Force and Incredibly Silent With a maximum working torque of ft-lbs, the Nitrocat K is the strongest in its class. But despite the brute force and power, it has an extremely quiet exhaust at 86 decibels. Most other brands would at least have dB of sound but the Nitrocat works silently and it works like a beast.

You have the patented flip lever operation that lets you switch between forward and reverse torque, the patented ergonomic handle for a firm grip and a very smooth twin clutch mechanism for heavy duty tasks.

Well, it is called so for good reason because this can take more than a few bumps and knocks in its stride. An accidental fall or two will not even show on the impact wrench as some of the customer reviews indicate.

This makes it an ideal choice for busy and demanding workshops. At the price point, the Nitrocat K is a steal just like most other Aircat impact wrenches. It brings unbeatable force to the table without escalating the price tag.

You may just be in for a surprise at the performance. Essentially, you get a lot more impact wrench for a few extra bucks. Super-light composite housing The Ingersoll-Rand features a composite housing that is lighter but gives you an impact-free grip even in more torque-heavy applications.

It weighs a pleasant 4. To further reduce the bulk on the housing, the features a reinforced aluminum hammer case. Heavy Duty Performance The Ingersoll-Rand packs a punch with its performance without taxing the compressor. Be it rotating tires or removing lugs, the ft-lbs torque allows you to complete most tasks effortlessly.

For tasks that demand the bare minimum, you can adjust the output on the fly with a simple dial that is positioned perfectly on the rear side of the unit.

If you found the C lacking in torque, then go for the The versatile usage and the heavy duty performance make it a great choice for hobbyists and professionals alike. In a market that remains largely dominated by Ingersoll-Rand and Craftsman, Aircat has managed to carve a niche for itself with this versatile and powerful air impact wrench.

From automotive repairs to fabrication, you will never feel the need for the extra power while removing lugs or nuts. Despite the extra power, it weighs a very comfortable 4. Easy operation The Aircat TH is designed for easy operation even with extended work hours.

An intuitively placed lever allows you to change the torque on-the-fly and the ergonomically designed handle with grooves allows a comfortable grip. But the slight extra length does not compromise the ability of the Aircat TH to reach into tight spaces. It is easy to hold on to and control.Classification: Based on a set of training data, categorize new inputs as belonging to one of a set of example of classification is identifying whether an image contains a specific type of object, such as a cat or a dog, or a product of acceptable quality coming from a manufacturing line.

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The greatest impact on the airline
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