The class differences in the novel a streetcar named desire

In the next few decades, psychoanalysis sought to make sense of the trivial, thinkers inquired into the status of the mass-produced object, and the rise of feminist and Labour movements posed the prosaic and essential question of material comforts. Modernist art and literature focused on the mundane, as emblematized by the everyday object, which now crystallized our changing relation to the world.

The class differences in the novel a streetcar named desire

In scenes one and two. Social class issues are clearly illustrated throughout the two scenes.

The class differences in the novel a streetcar named desire

When Blanche first arrives at New Orleans she is shocked to see the house her sister, Stella lives in. The social class differences between them, shows a great deal of how civilization is today. Blanche admits to have slept with men to get money and protection.

To feel wanted, and not overlooked. Poverty being the main culprit behind these acts, has forced Blanche to do these acts. Soon after Belle Reve was lost, Blanche was left with nothing, and had Sorry, but full essay samples are available only for registered users Choose a Membership Plan to do what she could to maintain her livelihood.

But poor or not, they are happy without a fancy living.

The class differences in the novel a streetcar named desire

Poor people are often discriminated at and illustrated as living a cruel life. However some people are happy being poor, as long as they maintain their livelihood. Throughout the novel, the writer illustrates the male figures as dominant species.

Stanley talks to Stella in a degrading voice. The discrimination in the novel attacks females, illustrating them as inferior beings to males. Stanley is illustrated as the alpha male of the house, because Stella asks for his permission all the time.

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He is also illustrated as a bear, by roaring and breaking inanimate objects. The male being the protector and the female being the helpless. The novel illustrates the modern discriminated ideology of women and men everywhere.Jun 11,  · Of the fundamental physiological needs of humans, clothing is interesting, as it bridges the gap between necessity and identity.

On one hand, clothing prov. Class differences lie behind conflict in the play. Through close analysis of the dramatic methods used in the play, and drawing upon relevant external information on social class in the southern states of America, show to what extent you agree with the statement above.

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