Run lola run and related texts

Plot[ edit ] The film begins in the spring and documents Eads' life through the following winter. Eads falls in love with Lola, a transgender woman. He spends those remaining warm days in the company of his "chosen family":

Run lola run and related texts

Their daughter, Karen, is Jay's mother and is dead from breast cancer.

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Jay appears after Evie's funeral, when he is taken to live with Bert in Walfordper Evie's wishes. Jay is a troublesome youth: Jay continues getting into trouble, becoming involved with a gang of older boys, known as the E20 crew, led by Tegs Teague Ben Smith.

Jay helps them shoplift, and they give him a knife. The gang terrorises Dot Branning June Brown and Jay steals her Run lola run and related texts so they can break into her house.

The gang orders Jay to throw a brick through Dot's window, but realising it is wrong, Jay refuses and is rejected from the gang. Tegs later confronts Jay and a fight ensues, with Jay being stabbed in the leg.

Tegs is arrested and his mother Tina Teague Kerry Ann White tries to threaten Jay from testifying against her son at his trial.

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Jay gives evidence at the trial and Tegs is sentenced to two years in a Young Offenders Institute. Jay and Jase try to flee Walford when Jase double-crosses a football firm but Dawn stops their departure by setting a date for her and Jase's wedding.

Jase is able to save Jay with Billy Mitchell 's Perry Fenwick help but is beaten to death by Terry's men, and Billy, too frightened to intervene, leaves Jase to die.

Jay accuses Dawn of causing his father's death and goes into care to get away from her. Jay is later fostered by Billy, who is wracked with guilt for not saving Jase from the gang. Jay's behaviour worsens when he plans an arson attack on Dawn, but Billy is able to stop him and Jay eventually makes amends with Dawn.

Jay and Billy move into a flat with Janine Butcher Charlie Brookswho tries to get rid of Jay by stealing and blaming it on him. Feeling unwanted, Jay befriends Marissa Moore Finn Atkinswho works at a brotheland they plan to run away together.

When Marissa backs out, Jay runs away alone and sleeps rough, until Billy convinces him to move back in. Terry's trial for Jase's murder approaches and Jay is furious to learn that, rather than attempting to help Jase, Billy hid to save himself.

Jay is taken hostage by Terry's firm as a security measure, and Billy risks his own life to save him. Billy and Jay are both rescued by the police and Billy testifies, which results in Terry receiving life imprisonment for murder, partially redeeming himself in the eyes of Jay.

Phil gives Jay a job as a mechanic and they bond. In doing so, Jay stops Connor stealing Phil's profits. Despite initial animosity between Ben and Jay, they grow fond of each other, referring to themselves as "brothers".

Jay and Abi do plan to have sex several times, but on each occasion, they are unable to go through with it. Despite Abi's insecurities over Jay's friendship with Lola Pearce Danielle Haroldshe and Jay remain together, and eventually Max comes to accept them as a couple.

InPhil is imprisoned for the murder of his ex-partner Stella Crawford Sophie Thompsonwho abused Ben then jumped from a building in after Phil confronted her. It transpires that Ben is behind Phil's arrest, having given a false testimony to the police to punish his father for rejecting him for being gay.

Although it is Ian who tells the police about Ben's lie, Ben assumes it is Heather; he confronts her and in a rage, strikes her over the head with a picture frame, killing her. Jay witnesses the murder and is persuaded by Phil, who has just been released from prison, to cover-up Ben's involvement.

Jay is traumatised by the murder and incensed to discover Ben has kept evidence to frame him for Heather's murder, should he need to. With Phil and Ben frequently fighting in the wake of the cover-up, Jay decides he cannot remain living with them and moves in with Abi's family.

However, after a long discussion with Max, Jay returns home to live with Phil and his partner Shirley Carter Linda Henrywho is unaware of Jay's involvement in Heather's death as she was Heather's best friend. Jay is upset when he discovers Abi is planning to go to Costa Rica and proposes to her.

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She tells him she does not want to be a young bride and leaves for Costa Rica, leaving him heartbroken. While cleaning under Ben's bed, Jay finds the photo frame that Ben used to murder Heather.

Horrified, Jay wants to report Ben to the police, but Ben hides the frame in a bin bag. They both agree to dispose of the frame but later find it is missing, as it has been handed in to the local charity shop.

Jay supports Lola through her labour and bonds with the baby, Lexiin the absence of the biological father. Shirley eventually uncovers the truth about Heather's murder and is horrified that Phil and Jay knew.

Ben confesses to the police and they find the photo frame.The EPA administrator, who was formerly Oklahoma’s attorney general, is adamant that his closeness with these groups is a strength, not a conflict. This PowerPoint takes you through some of the key aspects of the topic.

The last slides are on another text, but then the very last refer to related texts. The distinctive visuals of Tom Tyker’s run Lola run give us the viewer an idea of the power of every little chance and encounter in life the flash-forwards show how interaction between individuals can create a distinct experiences and how one person can influence the destiny of the people they make contact with.

Mod A Standard English Experience through Language Distinctive images offer a variety of perspectives on the world looking at multiple points of view in .

Run Lola Run and Related Texts. Words | 6 Pages question distinctively visual images convey distinctive experiences, Evaluating the idea that visual images give us distinct experiences and how certain experiences can change our destiny.

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Run lola run and related texts

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