How soccer could positively affect america essay

I was and still am pretty much incapable of sitting still. I went from the tennis courts to basketball tournaments to little league to school plays… I sold my own magazine at recess, took Spanish and Italian and — Stop.

How soccer could positively affect america essay

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Reprinted by permission of the author. The rapid growth of soccer in America, particularly at the youth level, is a cultural phenomenon-an exceptional and significant occurrence that is only now being recognized, analyzed, and interpreted by those who follow sport.

Soccer holds promise of affecting our characters, our families, our communities, our country, and perhaps one day, our international relations.

The statistics are staggering. It is estimated that 8 million Americans play soccer at all levels, with 3 million youngsters under 10 playing competitively. In the metropolitan Washington, DC, area, 75, boys and girls are on organized teams, the Long Island Soccer League has 62, youngsters registered, Illinois reported 9, registered young players in and 46, inand high schools like Centerville in Ohio regularly draw 4, fans to a game.

The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sport reports that soccer is the fastest growing high school sport in the nation. There are colleges with intercollegiate varsity soccer colleges field football teams and leading soccer schools like the University of San Francisco, Indiana University, and Penn State University attract 7, to 10, spectators at home games.

Byover 17 million Americans played soccer at all levels, with nearly men's and women's varsity college teams, over 8, youth participants. Still, in spite of the NASL's woes, there are 36 indoor and outdoor professional soccer franchises in our country.

We see Ricky Davis, formerly with the Cosmos, bathing with Ivory Soap after performing an acrobatic bicycle kick, Prudential advertising family protection with a distinctive soccer ball on the front lawn the black and white ball arrived in the "TV ball"-invented in Germany and giving soccer its identifying trademarksoccer players downing Pepsi after a workout, and little tykes clambering into a Peugeot after a game-all 14!

Even if the media sports desks do not know where the fans are, you can bet Madison Avenue's market surveys do.

How soccer could positively affect america essay

I grew up with soccer in the streets of Philadelphia, taught by an immigrant Scottish father, and I can remember endless conversations beginning, "So you're a soccer player-how is it played? That has changed in just a generation.

Now everybody talks soccer, coaches, or has a kid playing in towns where some people have never seen a professional game or kicked a ball themselves. Unfortunately, all of this soccer interest and participation has not translated into recognition for soccer nationally, into fan support for the outdoor professional teams, or into a truly competitive international U.

One of the reasons, for example, that the governing board of the Federation Internationale de Football Association FIFA rejected the United States' bid to host the World Cup was the perceived lack of commitment to the sport by the American public and those who ran the professional teams.

One unanswered question, therefore, is when and if-if you listen to the cynics the mass participation of young people in soccer will produce the fans for the professional teams.

Beyond this obvious question, there are many more subtle issues related to the constraints on the growth of soccer in America, factors fueling the surge, and the potential influence of soccer on our culture.

Because there are few rigorous, analytical studies of soccer in America, with most books written by coaches stressing how to play or by feature writers unfamiliar with the nuances of the game, I will attempt a thoughtful, albeit intuitive analysis of some issues related to soccer in America.

How soccer could positively affect america essay

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