Exposition writing activities

In Texas, our 4th graders are preparing for a two-day writing test, which requires that they compose an original personal narrative and an expository essay, both in response to a prompt. At my school, all teachers use the writing workshop approach. This means that all students are given time to write every day, and they are exposed to a wide variety of genres each year. Each writing workshop begins with a mini lesson related to the genre they are currently studying, but students are very rarely given a prompt.

Exposition writing activities

Prompts are used to provide a scenario or context which the 8th grader is supposed to expound. Prompts for 8th graders should revolve around imagination and things that they come into contact with on regular basic. Here is a list of prompts that would enable 8th graders to produce excellent expository essays.

You have been invited to a basketball event that will be graced by your favorite NBA star. Describe how you would prepare when given the opportunity to shake his hand.

Describe your favorite spot in town to a friend who has never visited the area. What is your favorite sport and why? You have woken up in the middle of the desert. You have no idea where you are. Describe how you would find your way around.

It is and you are the king of your territory. Describe the one weapon you would recommend to your army to ensure that you are adequately protected. Imagine you are in front of the crowd at the United Nations plenary hall.

You have been invited to speak on how to improve the education standards for grade 8. What issues would top your agenda? If you were to return to grade five, what things would you do more and better? Assume that you are living in a society that has no law.

What thing would you enjoy doing that is prohibited for now? If you had a chance to become a pet, what would your favorite animal be and why? Write an essay explaining to a friend how to learn riding a bicycle You have been given an opportunity to become a teacher today.

exposition writing activities

Which teacher would you become and why? One morning you wakeup and you have a button in front of you. The button is used to decide which weather will prevail for the day.Students will only test one day and they will only write one essay.

That one essay will be an EXPOSITORY essay. The other modes of writing will still be . In composition studies, expository writing (also called exposition) is one of the four traditional modes of pfmlures.com may include elements of narration, description, and pfmlures.com creative or persuasive writing, which can appeal to emotions and use anecdotes, expository writing's primary purpose is to deliver information about an issue, subject, method, or idea using facts.

The expository essay is a genre of essay that requires the student to investigate an idea, evaluate evidence, expound on the idea, and set forth an argument concerning that idea in a . Expository Writing Prompts for First, Second, and Third Graders— Learning how to write an expository paper is one of the most important skills that young students can develop from an early age.

Expository writing is a method of writing in which the author describes, informs, or explains a topic to the reader.

Exposition Writing Poster. Creating texts ACELY – Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive texts, choosing and experimenting with text structures, language features, images and digital resources appropriate to purpose and audience.

Exposition Writing Stimulus (Let's Write an Exposition) Exposition Writing Stimulus (Let's Write an Exposition) Course English Grade Grade 4 Section Writing Outcome Writing a Persuasive Text: School Days are Too Long Activity Type Lesson Guide Activity ID .

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