Eurpeon jihadists

Spanish In the four European countries most targeted by terror attacks -- Britain, France, Belgium and Germany -- the number of official extremists has reached 66,

Eurpeon jihadists


Log in to Reply Defeat an ideology with a greater ideology, muslims need to be shown that they are sinners too and are alienated from God, God hates sin, all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, all have violated His holy law and therefore will be judged accordingly, the price of this is eternal hell, God reached out to all humanity by becoming a man and receiving in himself the wrath of God for sin on the cross He rose from the dead and is alive for evermore and his name is Jesus, the saviour of mankind.

Only those who will repent of their sins and turn to him will be saved from the wrath to come.

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Islam can save no-one from their sins and the wrath of a Holy and Righteous God who will render to all according to their deeds. Terror is the main tool of Islam and it works. The majority of humanity abides outside the truth, and characteristic to this, are the counterfeits to the ideology of the truth, found within the fallen human nature, again, within our majority.

That which is antipodal to the fallen human nature, is the truth, and as practiced by the remnant alone who walk after the truth always, is exposed as truth, because in and of itself, its expressions are not self-defeating.

Eurpeon jihadists

Thus axiomatic to truth, is the concept of selflessly loving human nature, such that his love for his wife who is untrue to him in her marriage vows, trumps a formerly selfish nature, such that he see her desires for herself, as more important than his own. When an acknlowledgement from within Islam concerning receptivity of this spiritual axiom is spoken to, then a ray of the light of truth greater than that which is endemic within present-day Islam, will bring forth great change, and this ray of light, will bring the whole world to a knowledge of the beauty of great truth.

Unless this change occurs, Islam will remain but a counterfeit of the prime beauty of the truth, which again, is selflessness of the human spirit.Belgian security services have estimated that the number of European jihadists in Syria may be over 4, Entire European fighting units seems to have been created.

Apr 13,  · The number of Europeans fighting with jihadist groups in Syria could exceed 6,, a top EU official told a French newspaper Monday.

"At the European level, we estimate that 5, to 6, The term jihadism (earlier Salafi jihadism) has arisen in the s to refer to the contemporary jihadi movements, the development of which was in retrospect traced to developments of Salafism paired with the origins of Al-Qaeda in the Soviet–Afghan War during the s.

At present, however, there is just one real army in Europe -- the Jihadist Army, as in the terrorists who struck London on June 3 and murdered seven people, just two weeks after carnage in Manchester.

Eurpeon jihadists

Inside the Mind of the Western Jihadist Shiraz Maher, a British citizen who lived the experience, describes the allure of the Islamic State for .

Compounding the problem is that returning jihadist fighters are more often than not European citizens and are usually not caught by standard immigration controls.

Hence, it has not been difficult for European .

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