Essays about alcohol in teenagers

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Addiction to Alcohol Essay Sample The teenage years are a prime time for experimenting and asserting independence. As teens transition into adulthood, they often become tempted by adult activities. Seventy percent of high school students have had at least one alcoholic beverage, and they are often with their friends when they drink.

Essays about alcohol in teenagers

There has been a notable increase in the level of moral decadence especially among the young generation. This has been as a result of the lack of sufficient parenting techniques and inadequate monitoring of the movements of teenage children, both at schools and home.

This paper examines the current situation of alcohol addiction among teenagers, the factors that facilitate early exposure and addiction to alcohol. It also takes a look at the efforts that various institutions are making to control the situation, and the challenges that hinder the effective control of the social vice Biddulph, Definition of Alcohol Addiction One can define addiction to alcohol as a continuous urge and desire to consume alcoholic drinks at all times of the day.

An addict is an individual who cannot survive without the commodity, to which he has an addiction. On several occasions, the individual will experience certain side effects as a result of not consuming the commodity or service.

For example, an individual who has an alcohol addiction is likely to suffer from anxiety and restlessness if he or she does not take alcohol regularly. Addiction to alcohol manifests itself in different ways, depending on the body set up of the individual suffering from the addiction.

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Alcohol remains to be the most abused drug among teenagers in most countries, notably, in the United States. According to recent findings, approximately a half of the junior and senior high school students consume alcoholic drinks on a monthly basis.

In addition, approximately 14 percent of teens in the USA have been under intoxication at least once in the past year. The most alarming trend that is arising is that these teens drink a wide variety of the alcoholic drinks, which increases the damage on their health.

Other specialists have defined alcohol addiction as the negative pattern of alcohol use that leads to several health problems. Some of the problems include the urge for additional alcohol to experience intoxication, difficulties that occur when the impacts of the alcohol wears off from the individual, and other social problems that come as a result of consuming alcohol Castillo, Treatment of Alcohol Addiction among Teenagers Scientists have developed certain drugs that help in treating alcohol addiction among teenagers.

Sovran is one of the drugs suitable for treating alcohol addictions of people who started drinking at an age less than 25 years.

Essays about alcohol in teenagers

This drug works by reducing the level of craving for alcohol consumption in the individual suffering from addiction Essau, There are treatment techniques other than the medical ones, which help in reducing and regulating alcohol addiction among teenagers.

There is the relapse prevention program, which helps in recognizing and correcting problem behaviors in an individual. Furthermore, individualized drug counseling program aims at emphasizing on the short term behavioral objectives, with the aim of helping the individual to reduce or stop consuming alcohol.

There are other cognitive techniques that are also effective in treating or stopping alcohol addiction among teenagers. For instance, there are programs aimed at educating the teenage alcohol addicts on the likely future outcomes of alcohol addiction and alcoholism.

This is an effective system of controlling alcohol addiction, especially among teenagers who are not in the extreme stages of addiction. The program acts as a reminder of the negative outcomes that will face them in the future if the teenagers keep on with the alcohol consumption behavior.

Preventive measures are suitable only among the teens that are in their early stages of exposure to alcohol. These may include measures such as limiting access to alcohol and educating on the risks of alcohol consumption Monti, Section Two Causes and Risk Factors of Alcohol Addiction among Teenagers There are certain elements that encourage the progress of an alcoholic behavior among teenagers.

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Most of these factors usually comprise of family factors that occur in the homes of these teenagers. First, low levels of supervision and communication from the parents to teenage children is likely to foster a drinking habit in a teenager.

Children in the teenage years are in a period of experimentation, and it is at this time that they need adequate attention from the parents.

When parents fail to stay close to their children at this stage in life, there is a tendency that these children may fall victims of peer pressure, and start consuming alcohol Essau, Essay on Alcohol Teenagers.

live in today alcohol abuse in teenagers is on a rapid incline, it is a growing concern for not only parents but also the respected governments within our society.

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