Dilg leading the renaissance of good local governance essay

Section 93 is the Transparency Seal provision, to wit:

Dilg leading the renaissance of good local governance essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. We in the Department did these not only because the President has called on to us to do what is right; we did these because we also know that doing the right things will help improve the lives of the Filipino people, especially the poor among us.

We exacted transparency and rewarded good performance from LGUs. The Department exerted enormous effort to make LGUs transparent in their operations and rewarded along the way those that adhered to the tenets of good governance.

We made LGUs divulge what the public deserve to know, especially how their resources are utilized, knowing they have the right to such information and that it will lessen chances for corruption as resources will be truly used to where they are supposed to be used.

Such initiative not only resulted in a more transparent and information-friendly LGUs, but also stoked the flame of vigilance among the public, CSOs and POs that partnered with us the Department to ensure that the policy is strictly adhered to by the LGUs. From August, to May,a total of 1, or 90 percent of the 1, LGUs nationwide or 71 provinces, cities and 1, municipalities have complied with this policy, making the information on the following public, through the web, print media and in conspicuous places in their areas: Inwe handed out a total amount of Php30 Million in PCF subsidy or Php1 Million for each of the following 30 4th-6th class municipalities that successfully obtained the Seal of Good Housekeeping for the implementation of the local development projects: As of June 15,eight 8 PCF-subsidized projects have been completed while the remaining twenty two 22 are in various stages of implementation.

We made CSOs, NGOs, POs active partners in LG reforms and in the quest for good governance Another aspect of governance which was hardly breathing then that we gave life anew was the involvement of CSOs, NGOs and POs, and even the private sectors in LGU affairs, in recognition of what the Philippine Constitution and the LG Code guarantee them and because we know they have what it takes to make significant contribution to the cause of good governance and community transformation.

Likewise, even regional offices also forged and strengthened their partnerships with various local-based CSOs and POs in order to hasten the realization of numerous programs and projects at the local level. Most notable among such alliances built are the following: We also strongly advocated the synchronization of ARMM elections with the national elections in to give way to needed reforms in the regional government.

We also underscored that local autonomy is not — and should never be — used by local officials to abuse power vested in them by law and that such excesses shall neither be tolerated nor treated with kid gloves by this Administration.

The Department recommended the filing of administrative charges against certain ARMM officials for dishonesty abuse of authority, gross misconduct in office and conduct prejudicial to the best interest of the service, as well as criminal cases for their corrupt and unjustifiable abuse and utilization of the resources of the regional government.

Upon our prodding, the current leadership of the ARMM also conducted the following in an effort to lead the regional government to the path of transparent and accountable governance: Directed the stoppage of payment order against all checks drawable against the bank accounts of the ARMM Government and all its offices; 2.

Regular interfacing with the media to apprise the public on various development initiatives done by the regional government; 4. The Department also addressed the reported chronic absenteeism among ARMM officials and employees that seriously hampered the delivery of essential services to their constituents in an effort to restore professionalism and quality public service delivery in the region.

We opened other options in addressing the plight of informal settlers The Department opened new avenues and options to effectively address the plight of informal settlers, especially in Metro Manila where a large portion of them stay.

The democratic consultations we conducted with CSOs and POs helped in crafting current policies that helped array the restlessness and worries as well as give long term solution to the condition of this sector, which is most vulnerable to disasters, unemployment, and lack of steady and dependable livelihood opportunities.

We also required local chief executives to immediately create their respective Local Housing Board or a Local Inter-Agency Committee that shall be responsible in eviction and demolition-related activities in their areas, with 56 cities and municipalities having fully complied with the directive.

At the same time, the Department enjoined them to institute measures to prevent the proliferation of informal settlers, including the apprehension of organized squatting syndicates.

It also recommended policy directions aimed at comprehensively addressing the plight of informal settlers, among them: Establishment of an overall program on housing with corresponding financial resources from the national and local governments, with the importance of LGU counterpart emphasized and encouraged; 3.

City-wide, integrated approaches such as sustainable shelter programs integrated and designed into wider perspective of city development; and 4.

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Concrete directives and actions to fast track housing programs for informal settlers. Through the project, core provincial roads were rehabilitated and maintained to increase public access to basic services and ease the transport of agricultural products from source to markets or outlets.

Through the project, for instance, the revenue of Bukidnon significantly increased from Pmillion in to Pmillion in The newly-rehabilitated and inaugurated Libungan public market worth P On the other hand, the Lianga public market worth P Lastly, the Tudela public market worth P Through this, we were able to also enhance local capacities to develop, operate and manage their own water utilities.

Twenty six 26 of these 36 municipalities were provided with technical assistance in the use of the Water and Sanitation WATSAN Toolbox which contains modules in the areas of sector planning and ICT that resulted in the development and implementation of their own communication plans, among others.

This will provide the mandate for Economic Transformation Teams at the national and local levels to be organized.

We also encouraged local chief executives to designate a Local Economic and Investment Promotion Officer LEIPO to help in among others the preparation, coordination and execution of local economic investment promotion policies, projects and activities and the establishment of an aggressive, systematic, coordinated, sustained promotion and marketing of the LGUs as investment havens.

For the next two years, or two years ahead of our target, we shall be completing the streamlining of the BPLS of the remaining LGUs. Through these initiatives, trade and commerce got a big lift, with investors and businessmen both local and foreign providing and ensuring the availability of wider employment and livelihood opportunities for the people, lifting too in the process the chances of many of our countrymen to free themselves from the grip of poverty.

In addition to this, LGUs expect to get non-tax additional revenues from the streamlined processes that they can also use to pursue their anti-poverty and prodevelopment initiatives.

Dilg leading the renaissance of good local governance essay

We relentlessly pursued our peace and order, public safety efforts to make communities safe for people and conducive to local economic development The Department, through the PNP has stepped up its peace and order efforts to make our communities safe from the threats of syndicates and individuals that victimize the people, ever mindful that peace and order is a must to sustain local economic development efforts and reduce poverty throughout the country.

Through the following accomplishments, the PNP made an immense dent in criminality nationwide: From July-December,there was a reduction in the total crime incidents by Leading the Renaissance of Good Local Governance, Peace and Order in the Philippines Essay Sample. State of the DILG Report of Secretary Jesse M.

Robredo First Semester, For the last 12 months, the Department of the Interior and Local Government has been a steady and reliable driving force behind President Benigno S. Aquino III’s strong and determined pursuit to restore good governance.

The traditional Renaissance Man was seen to possess not only a general understanding of many topics, but rather a display of expertise in at least two or more of these areas. Science, literature, mathematics, grammar, cultural history and politics are a good place to start.

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Interior and Local Government Assistant Secretary Jonathan Malaya disputed NEDA Undersecretary Rosemarie Edillon’s estimate that the shift might result in additional costs ranging from P Home Essays Dilg: Leading the Dilg: Leading the Renaissance of Good Local Governance, Peace and Order in the Philippines.

Topics: Provinces of the Philippines, Millennium Development Goals, Local government Pages: 19 ( words). Dilg Leading the Renaissance of Good Local Governance Essay Sample. In the Philippines, the pervasiveness of corruption in government institutions, system procedures, culture and leadership renders the need for a holistic, multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary answer.

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