Best business presentation software for mac

You can't give a talk without one. You'll want to drive your key points home—and while a picture's worth a thousand words, event attendees are more likely to be able to write down your ideas if they're written on a slide. A good slideshow can make your speech more impactful.

Best business presentation software for mac

LibreOffice is free, open-source software developed from another open source software productivity suite-- OpenOffice. This Mac presentation software tool has all the basic presentation software features. Plus, use the built-in Fontworks tool to create unique text images.

best business presentation software for mac

Also, the Slide Show mode lets you define slide transitions, pointer type and many other options. Impress Remote is a mobile app that lets you manage your presentation from an Android or iOs device.

This section includes interactive presentation software for Mac that gives your viewers a chance to determine what they see by responding to questions or choosing options from a navigation menu.

It also includes presentation animation software for the Mac. Download the Prezi mobile app to take your presentation with you on your iPad or other mobile device.

The Classic Desktop app allows you work on your desktop while offline and sync Prezis slide shows to your cloud. Prezi also has a unique approach to presentations that is based on storytelling and interactive conversational presentations.

If this is the type of presentation you create, this may be the right tool for you. This is the ideal tool to create photo video slideshows. The customization tools let you add unique transitions between slides or add special special effects and subtitles to a slide, among many other features.

Plus, you can save your slideshow to iOs mobile devices such as the iPhone or iPad or Android mobile devices including Nokia devices and even Blackberry devices. Slidebean Slidebean is web-based slideshow software for Mac that will work on any platform including your Mac or your iPad.

It lets you quickly and easily create presentations. The Mac presentation tool includes analytics, so you can see what content is being used. You can easily incorporate videos into your slideshow. Plus, since this is web-based presentation software you can easily collaborate with other authors and share your presentation online.

The iPad app helps you take your presentation wherever you go. Deskset Deskset Mac presentation software lets you control how your slideshow looks using markdown language. Use configuration commands to automatically scale text, build lists or footers, and much more.

Rehearsal mode helps you to prepare for your presentation. Plus, you can switch quickly between different aspect ratios. FotoMagico 5 FotoMagico was created by professional photographers.

This unique Mac Presentation software choice allows you to make full use of modern photography conventions such as panoramic photos and layers to create visually stunning presentations.


You can even use it to present live. Plus, FotoMagico includes an online user manual to help you learn the more advanced features. Features like Animation Assistant control how your slides appear to your audience. FlowVella FlowVella is part of a new generation of presentation software that allows the audience to interact directly with the presentation.

You can create your interactive presentation on your Mac and present using your iPad or other mobile device. Add an interactive table of contents or other navigation tools to make your presentation user-friendly.

The presentation will continue to run even when you are offline. Movavi Slideshow Maker for Mac Movavi lets you quickly and easily create slideshows from photos. Start with your photos and add some text. Add transitions between slides and sync your presentation with music. You can also import videos.

You can also add your own voice-overs and modify pictures from within the software. This is a good tool for presentations based mostly on is one of the first Macintosh software compendiums on the internet.

Download all your Mac software including freeware, shareware, demos, games, updates. Either way, you probably don't have much to spend on a presentation software tool. Note: It's important to note that this software tool isn't intended for business use. 15+ Best Keynote Presentation Templates (For Mac Users) Sean Hodge.

4. Prezi Basic. Numbers for Mac has always occupied an awkward position. It’s not powerful enough to replace Excel or Google Sheets for many business purposes, and it’s designed partly to be an interaction. Welcome to BizPricer ® Business Valuation Software, our latest updated version for With our software you will be able to find the fair-market value of an existing business easily, quickly, privately, securely, inexpensively and, of course, accurately.

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Google Slides—part of the G Suite family of apps—is a traditional presentation app designed around works much like PowerPoint and other presentation apps you've used in the past, only Google Slides runs in your browser, for free.

The Best Presentation Software in 13 PowerPoint Alternatives